‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’ – brilliant…I haven’t been invited to a Wedding in years!

The Scarecrows' Wedding

I do love a good wedding, and in all seriousness I haven’t been invited to one for several years!  I suppose I’m at the age where friends have moved on to having children – my time will come again when those children are grown, I suppose. There was a friends fabulous post-wedding dinner last year, but we missed the ‘main event’ as it was held in the U.S., where she now lives.  It was a wonderful evening but I feel that we missed the ‘Romance’ of the big day.

Never mind, we are all invited to ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’, the latest delightful book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Sheffler (a match made in heaven, for sure)!  It all started when I decided that it would be a great idea for my husband and daughter to enter a local scarecrow making competition (more of that to come over the next fortnight), it should be a nice way to embrace autumn I thought, and keep our chins up about the end of a wonderful summer.  Anyway, inspired by our forthcoming scarecrow making and harvest celebrations at school, I jumped at the excuse to buy the latest Donaldson/Scheffler book and what a delight it is!  Brilliant rhyming verse, as always, that unfolds into a lovely little story of romance.  Beautiful illustrations that I never get frustrated with when my daughter wants to pore over  them long after the ‘page needs turning’ and, all in all, a book I’d be happy to read every night for the next month if that was what Grace chose.  Yes, I did stir slightly when I first saw Reginald Rake smoking a cigar, but I used the opportunity to comment on this to my daughter, as we are a non-smoking household.  I urge you to embrace the season and accept your invitation to “The best wedding ever, the best wedding yet, The wedding that no one will ever forget”.


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