Crafting at home – is it really worth the mess?…


My daughter loves nothing more than crafting, it is her activity of choice every time.  She can (and regularly does) pass a happy hour with a role of tape on a dispenser, a couple of bits of paper and a pair of scissors, usually resulting in some very imaginative creations…and paper trimmings strewn all through the house, which lucky mummy gets to clear up behind her, as when Grace is finished, she’s inevitably ‘too tired’ to pick them all up.  I guess that being so creative is exhausting! This weekend we started our scarecrow building project…now this took crafting mess to a whole new level!  We made a paper mache head (which went surprisingly well, after she’d got the excitement of glue-spreading out of her system) and then we went out to the garden to ‘attack’ our bale of straw…oh boy, the mess of our garden is UNIMAGINABLE!  No, I hadn’t really thought this through – whilst my husband and I stuffed old clothes with handfuls of scratchy straw (ouch)!, Grace set about making our scarecrow (whom she has named ‘Lilly’) a home out of straw.  She was incredibly industrious – literally shredding the beautiful tidy bale, carrying it across the garden and piling it up again, until our garden resembled a farmyard – yes, I exaggerate not – a farmyard!  Time rolled on and teatime/bedtime/ironing etc. called, leaving no time for mummy to clear up the mess so as I sit and type now, I am peering out of the window onto my now wet ‘farmyard’, expecting a sheep to casually stroll by anywhen, and I ask myself; ‘Crafting at home – is it really worth the mess”? and I answer myself “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes”! From unimaginable mess comes immeasurable joy.  Most things can be tidied/cleared away/washed down and the treasures we are left with represent the happiness we’ve found from embracing this chaos.  I hope that my post has inspired you to get the finger paints out this season – after all, there are sure to be a lot of rainy days to fill.  Happy crafting with your little ones!  P.S.  If you’d like to meet ‘Lilly’, be sure to check out my blog again later this week;-)


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